Hartsfield-Jackson tries again on contract for new sleep units

Airport officials twice canceled previous contracting attempts for new sleep units and are rebidding it.

Hartsfield-Jackson International is trying again to introduce sleep units at the international terminal opened in 2012 at the world’s busiest airport.

The sleep units were originally planned for the new terminal before it opened in 2012, but there have since been multiple attempts to strike a contract for the sleep units without success.

Minute Suites, which operates on Concourse B at the Atlanta airport, was selected in 2014 to open sleep units on Concourses E and F. But according to the airport, the company requested a change to build only one location. The city denied the request, and the project was canceled.

The airport last year started another contracting process for sleep units on Concourses E and F. Three companies submitted proposals to compete for the contract: Minute Suites, Unique Grace LLC and Nap Room LLC. But all of the proposals were “deemed non-responsive” and disqualified by the Department of Procurement, and the contracting process was canceled in October.

This year, the airport restarted the contracting process for sleep units on Concourses E and F, with some changes in the rent terms.

The airport is seeking a company to develop and operate sleep units on the two concourses totaling 3,593 square feet, with showers at the Concourse E location at the site of the old Lufthansa lounge. Companies’ proposals for the business are due April 4.

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