Hartsfield-Jackson prepared to treat runways, taxiways and roads ahead of snow threat

Source: Hartsfield-Jackson

Source: Hartsfield-Jackson

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport says it is prepared to pre-treat runways, taxiways, roads and bridges ahead of the threat of snow Tuesday.

The world's busiest airport has 12 brooms and 11 plows that attach to vehicles to clear snow from runways and taxiways. It has on hand 77,500 gallons of fluid on hand to pre-treat runways and taxiways and more than 50 tons of pellets to break up ice.

The Atlanta airport uses brine to pre-treat elevated roads and bridges, and uses salt and sand on roads and walkways.

Hartsfield-Jackson officials are monitoring the weather "and, if necessary, will pre-treat runways, taxiways and elevated roads and bridges, and spread salt and sand on roadways and walkways."