Hartsfield-Jackson delaying deadline for compostable materials in restaurants

After some restaurateurs raised concerns about a new requirement at the world's busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International is delaying the deadline for airport restaurants to begin using compostable materials.

The world’s busiest airport had planned to require concessionaires to go Styrofoam-less and to use compostable materials starting Oct. 15.

But the airport doesn't yet have a facility where materials can be composted, and the compostable materials would just be sent to a landfill.

The Georgia Restaurant Association said compostable packaging can be twice the cost of conventional packaging and called the imposition of the requirement before any composting facility is available "a waste of money."

On Wednesday, Hartsfield-Jackson general manager Roosevelt Council told members of Atlanta City Council's transportation committee that the deadline for compostable materials will be pushed out to Dec. 29.

That will give the concessionaires more time to comply, he said, adding that airport officials want to meet with concessionaires who say the requirement is a problem.

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Hartsfield-Jackson restaurateurs object to compostables requirement Hartsfield-Jackson's requirement for compostable materials and the end of Styrofoam at airport restaurants now won't take effect until Dec. 29.