Guns caught at Hartsfield-Jackson checkpoints this year have already set a record

Source: TSA

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Source: TSA

Nearly 300 guns have been caught at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport so far this year, with a record number of firearms caught at security checkpoints, according to officials.

The total of more than 290 includes firearms found in carry-on bags and improperly packed or undeclared guns in checked luggage.

Last year, a record 245 guns were caught at security checkpoints at the Atlanta airport. That kept Hartsfield-Jackson at the No. 1 spot among the nation's airports for such gun discoveries.

This year, the total number of guns caught at Atlanta airport security checkpoints is already 248 -- setting a new national record, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Another 45 improperly packed or undeclared guns have been found in checked baggage.

Guns caught at checkpoints increase security wait times and result in penalties for offenders, according to city and federal officials who plan to discuss the issue at a press conference Wednesday.

While Hartsfield-Jackson is the airport that handles the most passengers in the world, it does not have the most passengers going through security checkpoints. That's because the majority of passengers at the Atlanta airport are just passing through and connecting, and they go through security at other airports.