Frontier launching new Atlanta routes

Frontier Airlines is adding new routes out of Atlanta starting in April, including flights to Houston, Kansas City, Memphis, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Seattle.

The Denver-based airline last spring expanded to give it a total of 16 routes from Atlanta, and since then has cancelled some routes and seasonally discontinued others.

While Frontier operated 16 routes from Atlanta during the busy travel season last year, it currently operates just five: to Denver, Washington Dulles, Las Vegas, New York LaGuardia and Miami. Airlines sometimes operate seasonal routes for summer travel and discontinue them during the slower winter season.

Come April, Frontier will resume flights to Austin, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Trenton.

Those returning seasonal flights combined with the new routes will give Frontier a total of 20 routes out of Atlanta during this year's busy season.


The expansion of ultra low-cost carriers like Frontier and competitor Spirit Airlines has increased competition against airlines like Atlanta-based Delta on some routes. Frontier and Spirit charge customers extra to put a roll-aboard in the overhead bin or to have a soft drink on board.

Delta has responded by adding basic economy fares, which are stripped-down tickets that have less flexibility and fewer benefits than regular economy class tickets.

Frontier makes clear it is going after a different kind of customer than the high-spending corporate travelers most coveted by airlines like Delta.

"Frontier's low fares in these new markets will benefit millions of new fliers who are forced to drive because they haven't found affordable air travel options -- or they simply stay home," Frontier president Barry Biffle said in a written statement.

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