Flights to Brussels remain on hold

Delta Air Lines says its flights to Brussels remain canceled into Wednesday while the Brussels airport remains closed. The Atlanta-based carrier has also extended its waiver of change fees for travelers to alter their travel plans.

The Brussels Airport says it will remain closed through Wednesday. The airport's statement on its website says that it has made "an extensive analysis of the terminal infrastructure and of the various possible scenarios for a partial recommencement of its activities. When this partial restart will take place is not yet decided."

Delta said its Brussels flights to Atlanta and New York remain canceled Wednesday.

"Delta continues to closely work with the airport authority to establish resumption of service," but said its customers should continue to check their flight status on Delta's website or its app.

Credit: Kelly Yamanouchi

Credit: Kelly Yamanouchi

Delta has extended its waiver of certain change fees for travelers with flights scheduled to, from or through Brussels through April 18.

The airline also says on its website that it is reaching out to customers on its Brussels flights March 22 to reunite them with their checked bags.