Delta uniforms to be recycled into insulation, punching bag and pillow stuffing

Delta Air Lines uniforms are being recycled into everything from insulation for cars to filling for punching bags and pillows.

Atlanta-based Delta's employees have been testing the carrier's new uniforms designed by Zac Posen, which will feature new colors and styles when rolled out in 2018.

But after the "wear testing" finished, the airline ended up with "thousands of garments that could not be worn again," according to Delta in a video.

Because of the Delta logos on the uniforms, the clothing couldn't be donated or reused.

Delta and clothing maker Lands' End, which will make the uniforms, worked with a fabric recycling company to handle the test garments.

The company, Martex Fiber, recycles textiles into fiber for insulation for cars and appliances, as well as filling for pillows and punching bags.


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