Delta tests iPhone text messaging for customer service

Source: Delta Air Lines

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Source: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is rolling out a test of Apple text messaging for customer service.

The phased test will allow a limited number of customers to click on a "Need Help" link at the bottom of a Delta summer travel tips email to launch the Messages app on an iPhone, iPad or other iOS device or from the FlyDelta app and start text messaging with a Delta virtual assistant or customer service representative.

Delta said it plans to integrate mobile assist into the Delta app for all customers this fall.

Using messaging for customer service in the Messages app on an iPhone or other iOS device allows customers to easily save a history of their chats with customer service.

And Delta said it expects increased use of a virtual assistant for basic questions would reduce wait times for customer service across the board.

Customers will also have the option to ask to speak with a live representative, according to the airline.

“We want Delta customers to feel in full control of their experience with Delta, but know that we’re just a click or tap away when they need us,” said Delta’s vice president of distribution and digital channels Rhonda Crawford in a written statement.

Delta already had an option on the desktop version of its website to chat with a virtual assistant or reservations specialist.

Last year, the online chat service Delta used was affected by a cyber security breach that put some customer payment information at risk. That breach involved a different provider, [24]

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