Delta gives inside look at flight attendant training

Source: Delta Air Lines

Credit: Kelly Yamanouchi

Credit: Kelly Yamanouchi

Source: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is giving an inside look at flight attendant training in a series of online videos, as it recruits for 1,000 flight attendant openings.

A video on the first day of flight attendants' eight weeks of training features a prospective flight attendant saying, "It feels like the first day of college. You don't know anybody."

Another video shows a "personal image consultation" session, where flight attendants' style and appearance is assessed. One trainee is called out for not wearing a wristwatch. "It was a total fail, and I've got to figure out how to bounce back from that," he says.

The next video shows emergency training, in which flight attendants have to evacuate a smoke-filled plane and go down a slide.

"Airline emergencies are extremely unlikely, but we as flight attendants must be prepared," said a Delta trainer.

It's not the first time an airline has taken a "reality show" approach to show off its flight attendant training.

In 2005, Denver-based Frontier Airlines was featured in a reality show called "Flight Attendant School" that aired on the Travel Channel. It starred flight attendants in training who spent seven weeks of a summer living together in a Colorado house.

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