Delta brings back beer and wine for some passengers

Source: Delta
Source: Delta

Delta Air Lines is bringing beer and wine back for some passengers on domestic flights.

Atlanta-based Delta cut alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and other beverages from domestic flights in March due to the coronavirus pandemicreducing beverage service on those flights to bottled water.

But now, it says it will reintroduce single-serve wine and beer for first class and Comfort+ passengers on flights longer than 500 miles.

Beer and wine are complimentary in first class and Comfort+ extra legroom seats on Delta. The offerings starting July 2 will include red and white single-serve wine along with Heineken, Miller Lite, SweetWater 420 and SweetWater IPA beer.

Flight attendants will pass cans and single-serve bottles on serving trays, and plastic cups will also be available. Delta said the single-serve options are the first to be reintroduced as it brings back more food and beverage service after reducing much of it to water and snack bags.

The airline hasn’t yet announced when it will bring back soft drinks, juice and other beverages on flights.

Passengers in coach class on domestic flights will still get just bottled water and snack bags.

The airline has continued to serve beer, wine and cocktails on long international routes.

On Wednesday, Delta said it is reopening more of its Sky Clubs, including clubs in Chicago, Denver, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix and San Francisco.

Delta has kept Sky Clubs open at the Atlanta airport on Concourses A, D and F.

The membership-based Sky Clubs have converted to grab-and-go buffets and are limiting capacity and blocking seats. Those visiting clubs are required to wear masks.

Delta also added plexiglass partitions at Sky Club check-in, at the bar and between tables.

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