Sports Insider: Little League could help baseball get back to its roots

In this week’s Sports Insider, fans can take a close look at a couple of ways the game of baseball is working to pass the torch to a younger generation of players, with big leaguers reaching out to Little League World Series players and community diversity programs seeing a payoff with four of their former youngsters drafted in this year’s top five picks.

Also in today’s 43-page section: The Road to East Lake is nearly complete as we set up the final round of the PGA Tour’s penultimate tournament leading up to this week’s finale in Atlanta.

And as baseball’s pennant races begin to hit their stride, we take stock of what’s ahead for the Braves, with some favorable elements on their schedule as well as some challenges.

Plus we’ve got the latest on the NFL preseason, a look at what keeps Mike Tyson relevant, and the multigenerational contribution of one of NASCAR’s top families through the eyes of Kyle Petty — as well as plenty more to read all week long in the latest Sports Insider.

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Credit: AJC

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In Sunday’s ePaper, you’ll also find After the Game bonus coverage for the Braves’ wild victory in 11 innings against the Houston Astros on Saturday night.

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Credit: AJC

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