Your verdict is in on annual reviews

This one is ugly.

AJC business columnist Matt Kempner asked readers to take on informal online poll to grade the quality of annual performance reviews at their work. He has a new column out about why some companies are ditching traditional reviews and even performance scores.

Nearly half those who took the AJC poll said the performance management system at their work is just OK, but doesn't inspire them to do even better.

It gets worse. Roughly, the same number of people said the system at their work is awful and worse than doing nothing.


Only about 5 percent of the more than 300 people who took the survey say evals at their work accurately measure the value of their contributions and inspires them to greater job performance.

Check out Kempner's column on about just how some big employers are trying to change things and avoid evals that one HR consultant compared to a visit to the dentist.