These Atlanta restaurants are more kid-friendly than you might guess

.The Toddler Foodies are considered experts on the kid-friendliness of the dining scenes in several cities, including Atlanta. They have a blog that rates restaurants and other foodie venues for their kid-friendliness.  They even have sibling blogs in other cities, written by other Toddler Foodies. You can check out our online publication TodFoo ( And you can follow them on Instagram (@toddlerfoodiesatl) and Twitter (@todfooatl). In addition to restaurant reviews, they always have other fun stuff going like promotional events, like their upcoming Epic Foodie Playdate with their famous little buddy @FoodBabyNY.

Over the past 6 months Toddler Foodies have reviewed almost 60 spots in Atlanta. And they’ve collected useful intel for parents on whether these restaurants have high chairs, changing tables, kids menus, kids eat free options, and parking that’s convenient for families with small children. Their foodie research has shown us there are a few surprisingly kid-friendly restaurants in Atlanta, restaurants that most parents would not think were good for kids. They have shared the following list to share with AJC readers. Feel free to join in  the conversation and let us know your favorite kid-friendly restaurant is in metro Atlanta.

  1. Cooks & Soldiers (Westside)

Toddler Foodies Review:

Cooks & Soldiers is a new spot on the Westside offering up Spanish Basque-inspired tapas and inventive craft cocktails. It's owned by the Castellucci Hospitality Group, which also owns The Iberian Pig (Decatur), Sugo (John's Creek), and Double Zero Napoletana (Roswell). Most parents would not think that Cooks & Soldiers is a family-friendly place, but we're here to tell you it's absolutely kid-friendly. There's no kids menu, but there are options on the menu that kids would love, like the "Bikini " (a delicious take on the grilled cheese sandwich) and Fruity Pebble Croquettes (Fruity Pebbles cereal and milk rolled into little donut-like balls and fried). Cooks & Soldiers offers more exotic options for adventurous foodies, and it has a trendy yet down-to-earth ambience, making it a great place for diners of all ages and tastes.

  1. Rumi's Kitchen (Sandy Springs)

Toddler Foodies Review:

Rumi's Kitchen has been serving up delicious Persian/Iranian food in Atlanta for awhile now and is known for their yummy fare. But did you know that they love having little diners? Although they don't have a kids menu, they offer special kids meals (chicken and beef kabobs with rice) that they'll make upon request. The atmosphere at Rumi's is family-friendly thanks to their spacious dining area and huge shareable portions of food. And diners of all ages will love their newly renovated, climate-controlled patio with comfy, pillowed seating.

  1. The Café at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Buckhead)

Toddler Foodies Write-Up:

When we tell people we like to visit this spot, they are always super surprised. Mandarin Oriental is actually a very kid-friendly hotel that offers special perks to its little guests, and the Cafe in the hotel is no exception. They have an awesome kids menu that includes everything from breakfast food to chicken tenders and fries to spaghetti. On Thursday evenings, they have Burgers & Brew featuring live music and yummy sliders that any little foodie would appreciate. And they offer complimentary parking and free upgrade/late checkout options that are perfect for traveling families.

  1. no. 246 (Decatur)

Toddler Foodies Review:

We can't say enough good things about no. 246. The food is excellent. And even though most folks would think the smaller dining area and generally adult clientele screams, "This place is not kid-friendly!" — that's simply not true. Pizza and pasta are great for kids. Did you know that no. 246 has a kids menu? It features hand-drawn pasta characters, and it's super cute. And the chefs and staff at no. 246 love enlightening kids about the yummy dishes they prepare. They are especially happy when they see kids try new foods at their restaurant.

There are a few other restaurants around Atlanta that have surprised us by being really kid-friendly, but these are the Top 4. To find out more, and to learn about the rest of the eating adventures we’ve had so far, check us out at


The Toddler Foodies are a group of toddler food critics who visit different restaurants and review them for kid-friendliness, focusing on whether they have amenities like high chairs, changing tables, kids menus, kids eat free options, and parking that’s convenient for families with small children. The Toddler Foodies write their reviews on a collection of blogs known as TodFoo, which you can find at TodFoo currently has bloggers in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Corpus Christi (TX), Delaware, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Washington D.C.

Toddler Foodies – Atlanta were the first TodFoo bloggers. Their mommy/editor-in-chief/chauffer founded TodFoo because she felt that other restaurant review websites didn’t provide enough accurate information about restaurants’ kid-friendliness. She published the first TodFoo blog post in January 2015. You can email the TodFoo editors at