How do you define cheating?

There has been a little bit of debate among friends about what is considered cheating. I remember when my ex tried to explain to me that his married friend texting with a woman shouldn’t be classified as cheating. It’s almost like we try to blur the lines between what is cheating and what is harmless flirt.

Realistically, the only definition of cheating we should be concerned about is our significant other’s definition. You should both have the same idea about what you want in your own relationship. Some people don’t get jealous at all and can tolerate flirting, friendships with former flames, or texting dirty texts to someone they are attracted to.

I think cheating is anything you wouldn’t do without me right next to you. So if you wouldn’t say or do certain things when I am around, avoid that when I’m not and we’re cool!

How do you define cheating? Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who views cheating differently?