7 Tricks for Halloween Savings

We all know that Halloween expenses for decorations, parties and costumes can quickly add up to a frightening sum. With that in mind, I asked the experts at PromotionalCodes.com for some budget-friendly tips to slash your spending this year. Here's what they had to offer:
Creativity Trumps Cost: Instead of spending anywhere from $20-$100 on a store costume, make your own. Pick anything from your favorite movie character to your favorite decade and build your costume from items that you have around the house or at your local thrift store.
Host a Mom Swap: If you aren't the creative type, check around with other moms or family members. A great way to save on costumes is to swap outfits with another child.
Party Central: Almost as important as the actual costume is the Halloween party that will follow. Whether hosting an actual monster bash or just having the kids over for trick or treating, it is important to look the part. Check sites like PromotionalCodes.com and/or Shindigz and Costume Supercenter to get the best deals on decorations.
Pumpkin 101: We all love carving up our pumpkins to make the scariest jack-o-lantern and snacks, but pumpkins are neither cheap nor do they last long. Get the most life out of yours by preparing it properly. After scooping out the seeds and carving your pumpkin, soak it with a bleach/water solution to extend its life.
Haunted Night In: Haunted houses and hayrides are super popular this time of year, but if you are tight on cash, invite your friends and family over for a scary movie marathon. You can either the line-up or everyone can bring his/her favorite movie along with a Halloween inspired dish.
Candy Smarts: Typically stores like Sam's Club have the best deals and the largest quantity. But check out what sales your local stores are having leading up to the holiday. Bought too much? Send it to the men and women serving our country. Programs like Operation Gratitude help connect you with our troops.
Future Thinking: The time after Halloween is great for saving. Buy costumes and decorations that go on sale and save them for next year's celebrations.
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