Should we offer to pay?

In the first couple of months of a dating relationship, guys sometimes do the majority of the paying. If it is a traditional guy, he insists on paying for everything. I have offered to pay, cover the tip, or spring for dessert because I think it shows gratitude. I’ve only had one guy get offended but that was because he was unemployed at the time. He didn’t want my “pity” so it was related to his ego and self-esteem.

I believe some women think paying for a man is problematic because dating gives men the chance to show they are providers. I suppose there is some truth to that but women can also show they are good help mates. Giving guys a little gift or small surprise after a couple of amazing dates is one way to show appreciation. After you have dated a couple of months, what is the point in having the guy pay for everything?

How long do you think men should pay for the dates?