Breaking up will cost you

Being in a relationship can be more expensive then being single. Breaking up a relationship can also cost you, especially if they sue you for dating alimony! That’s right. It’s a thing. Dating. Alimony.

They were talking about it on Q100′s The Bert Show recently. A woman dated someone wealthy. He promised her a fabulous lifestyle and she rearranged her life for him. When things when south, there is an expectation to hold up the agreement. Email, texts, and other documents that a lawyer can provide as proof some kind of compensation should be made to the girl with the broken heart and empty bank account.

The first thought is that she is clearly a gold digger. Is that fair, though? If you are not given something you were promised, should you find a way to get it?

Should we be legally required to provide for our exes? What if it wasn’t about money? What if someone sued to get sex or attention?

When a relationship ends, why do we sometimes feel entitled to get something from the relationship?