If you do the asking, should you pay?

Photo credit: thinkstock

My friend Victor has a woman over pursuing him. She is constantly calling, texting, and tries to make plans. He says she is attractive but seems to aggressive for his taste. When she asked him to go with her to an event she had tickets to, he agreed to the date. After the event he wanted to go but she insisted they go out for drinks and a light dinner. When the bill came, she expected him to pay. Now, he felt that she asked him out and should have paid for the entire evening.

I’ve known Victor a long time, he is very old school and traditional. If he really liked this woman, it wouldn’t be an issue at all for him to pay. So, is he wrong for not paying her part of the bill? Victor says it all worked out because she stopped pursuing him now! I guess not paying for her meal was a deal breaker.

What is your routine? Do you pay when you do the asking? Should you expect to split the bill if you were not the one who pursued the date?