Going too fast

When some women go on a date, they believe that the guy asked them out to get to know them better. The attraction and desire is understood so there is no need to immediately start bringing up the topic of sex. If this happens, you will probably not be taken seriously.

I have experienced Mr. Too Fast on a date. He will allude to a body part and make some suggestive comment. I straight up ask him, “You only want to hook up? Or can you manage to focus on something else?” I am not a prude but if you make an effort to go on a date, it should not be under any false pretense of getting to know someone.

Guys aren’t the only ones who do this, either. My friend Aaron said he went out with a woman who kept randomly bringing up sexual positions. It was odd and definitely not subtle, but it was a turn off for him. He didn’t know her at all, so why did she feel it was cool to discuss Karma Sutra with him?

Why don’t more people believe in waiting longer to talk about sexy stuff? Do you believe it is a test to see how open minded you can be? What would you do if you were out on a date and the person kept turning the conversation to something sexual?