How to report a power outage to Georgia Power

Safest Places In Your Home During A Tornado

Powerful storms have the capacity to knock out power to thousands of households in Georgia.

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Residents can lose electricity in the middle of the night or wake up after an overnight storm to fallen trees in their yard, downed power lines in the streets, delayed school openings and broken traffic lights.

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If you're without power in the metro Atlanta area, here's what you need to know:

To report an electric service outage to Georgia Power, contact their customer service by calling 1-888-891-0938 or online at https://customerservice.southerncompany.com/Outage/Service.aspx

To track Georgia Power restoration efforts, check out the Georgia Power outage map.

Not a Georgia Power customer? Check this list of power companies in Georgia for more information:

Central Georgia EMC

To report an outage: 770-775-7857

To track restoration efforts: outage.cgemc.com:8181

Cobb EMC

To report an outage: 770-429-2100 or reportoutage.cobbemc.com/ReportOutage/SSvcController/reportanoutage

To track restoration efforts: cobb.maps.sienatech.com

Coweta-Fayette EMC

To report an outage: 770-502-0226 or billing.utility.org/oscp/OnlineServices/FeaturesLogin/tabid/134/Default.aspx

To track restoration efforts: outage.utility.org/OMSWebMap/OMSWebMap.htm?clientKey=undefined

GreyStone Power Corporation

To report an outage: 1-866-GREYSTONE (1-866-473-9786) or 770-942-6576 or outageentry.com/CustomerFacingAppJQM/outage.php?clientid=GREYS&openingPage=report

To track restoration efforts: greystonepower.com/currentoutages

Habersham EMC

To report an outage: 706-754-2114, 706-865-4362, 1-800-640-6812 or habershamemc.com/content/report-outage#formtime

To track restoration efforts: outageview.habershamemc.com

Jackson EMC

To report an outage: 1-800-245-4044 or outage.jacksonemc.com

To track restoration efforts: jemc.maps.sienatech.com

Snapping Shoals EMC

To report an outage: 678-814-4961 or ssemc.smarthub.coop/Login.html#login

To track restoration efforts: ssemc.com/OutageMap.aspx

Sawnee EMC

To report an outage: 770-887-2363 or sawnee.com/content/report-outage

To track restoration efforts: sawnee.com/content/current-outages

Walton EMC

To report an outage: 770-267-2505 or outageentry.com/CustomerFacingAppJQM/outage.php?clientid=WALTON&openingPage=report

To track restoration efforts: outageentry.com/CustomerFacingAppJQM/outage.php?clientid=WALTON