The World Chicken Festival is a ‘finger-lickin’ celebration

This year, the celebration lasts from September 21-24, in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Festivals are filled with cultural heritage that hold a special place in hearts worldwide. These colorful and joyous occasions reflect our shared history, values and the essence of being human.

If you’re looking to plan a weekend getaway this fall and want to eat some fantastic food, the World Chicken Festival in London, Kentucky, is a must-visit.

This small Kentucky town comes alive each year with an event that draws chicken enthusiasts, foodies, and families from all walks of life to the World Chicken Festival. This one-of-a-kind celebration pays homage to chicken in an entertaining and delicious way. This year, the celebration lasts from September 21-24, in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

“Colonel Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Lee Cummings, of Lees Famous Recipe Chicken, worked side be side developing and mastering delicious fried chicken recipes,” noted the event’s history page. “A fun fact most people do not know is these two chicken business men are family members. Col. Harland Sanders is Uncle to nephew Lee Cummings.”

This tasty festival began in 1990 in Laurel County, the birthplace of Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, where it’s only fitting to have a festival centered around chicken. This poultry feast features plenty of eating contests, trivia and more. While basking in the aroma of chicken and fun, attendees are treated to live music, carnival rides, arts and crafts, and contests that range from chicken clucking to egg tossing.

Local and national vendors can join in on the fun, showcasing their abilities in the Colonel’s Cook-Off – an event where professional and armature cooks nationwide compete to create the best chicken dishes. This culinary showdown showcases the versatility of chicken and demonstrates how this staple can be transformed into unique and creative ways of mouthwatering delights. From savory to spicy, the Cook-Off captures the essence of culinary innovation.

While some might believe this festival is for adults only, there’s plenty of fun for all ages – making this the perfect family fun festival for the fall. Kids can enjoy a petting zoo, pie-eating contests and a children’s parade. The event provides a space for the community to unite, forging new friendships and strengthening bonds amid chicken-themed festivities.

During the four-day event, 20 entertainers spanning gospel, rock, pop and local entertainment will take the stage. This year, attendees will enjoy the sounds of Smash Mouth, Deana Carter, Eight Daze Sober, Burden of Proof, Fair Haven Quartet, Russ Taft and more. If you plan to catch any of the acts, it’s recommended to bring your lawn chair and blanket.

The World Chicken Festival in London, Kentucky shares a love for good food while showcasing a community’s dedication to preserving its heritage. With its unique chicken creations, lively entertainment, and warm atmosphere, the festival welcomes visitors from near and far to savor the flavors of Kentucky’s culinary genius.