Delta gives some passengers ‘20,000 miles to say we’re sorry’

Thousands of Delta Air Lines passengers who got stuck in the carrier's meltdown after a thunderstorm last week are getting 20,000 miles or $200 vouchers.

But not everyone affected by delays or the 4,000 flight cancellations over five days is getting the miles or travel vouchers. They are going to those who were significantly delayed, which doesn't include everyone who was delayed during or after the storm.

“20,000 miles to say we’re sorry,” is the heading on a letter from Delta CEO Ed Bastian to SkyMiles members who are getting the miles.

The letter attributes the "major disruption" to severe weather and tornadic activity at the airline's hub in Atlanta, with Bastian adding: "Our response in the days following was out of character, and I am sorry for what you experienced."

“It was an accumulation of events,” he wrote. “I have heard from many of you who feel like we let you down.” He added that the 20,000 miles is “in acknowledgment of what you endured.”

Delta “will continue to review all aspects of the disruption and develop a plan to avoid a similar situation in the future,” the letter says.

The travel vouchers are starting to go out via e-mail to others who provided their contact information to Delta.

It’s worth noting that the miles or vouchers are not labeled as compensation for passengers’ expenses resulting from the delays.

As such, the airline says anyone "who feels the specifics of their flight requires additional attention" should contact the airline's customer service via phone or the comment/complaint form on Delta's website.