People in this city will be first in U.S. to ring in the new year

You can also sit on the beach here to watch the first U.S. sunrise of 2024

The sun will soon rise on a new year, and you can be one of the first to see it shine on the United States. All you have to do is fly to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Port Udall, on the eastern point of St. Croix, will be the first place in the U.S. to ring in the new year. There is even a monument signifying the designation.

The Millennium Monument, which also acts as a sundial, was erected in 2000.

According to Travel and Leisure magazine, the entire island has become a popular destination for New Year’s revelries, and no one should be surprised by that.

First, U.S. citizens don’t need a passport to travel to St. Croix, because it’s an unicorporated U.S. territory. Nonstop flights depart from Atlanta and other nearby cities.

Also, daytime temperatures stay in the 80s, while dropping only to the mid-70s at night. You can ring out 2023 on the beach after exploring the culture of the 84-square-mile island before the festivities begin.

Once you’re all partied out, set your alarm clock for 6:49 a.m. local time before hitting the hay. It’s become tradition in Point Udall to watch the sun come up over the ocean for the first time in the new year.

Want to be one of the first people in the world to greet 2024? That will require a trip to Kiritimati Island, in the central Pacific Ocean.

Although it’s along the same longitude line as Hawaii, international datelines mean it will celebrate a full day earlier, according to National Geographic.

The new year will arrive no matter where you are, but with these options you can decide when to start celebrating.

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