8 unique New Year’s traditions

These New Year’s traditions are believed to bring wealth, luck and more

5 strange New Year's traditions.Throwing water out the window.Banging pots and pans.Finding round objects.Wearing white .Doing the Polar Plunge

Around the world, people welcome the New Year with parties, well-intentioned resolutions and traditions, whether it’s eating black-eyed peas or watching the ball drop in Times Square.

If you’re looking to switch it up this New Year’s Eve, check out these unique traditions from around the world.

The power of round objects

Hoping to bring in more money and wealth next year? In the Philippines, it’s believed that circular shapes are linked to prosperity, so consider wearing polka dots, carrying change with you or eating round foods on New Year’s Eve.

Toss a coin

Gather your pennies and head to the nearest body of water. The Romanians believe that flipping a coin into the water will bring good luck in the year ahead.

Throw water out of the window

If you need a little cleansing and renewal, the Latin American tradition of throwing water out of a window might be perfect.

This beautiful tradition symbolizes ridding yourself of all the suffering and tears you’d like to leave behind in the old year.

Take an icy plunge

In 1920, a group of thrill seekers started the icy tradition of the Polar Bear Plunge. People from all around the world find oceans, lakes and rivers to jump into on the first day of the new year.

In the United States, many charities us this as an opportunity to raise money for local causes. The Georgia Special Olympics will hold a Polar Plunge in February.

Choose your underwear color wisely

Picking the right pair of underwear for New Year’s Eve can mean more than just comfort. According to some traditions, the color you wear might determine how your year goes.

Hang onions on the door

Onions and garlic are said to repel vampires, but according to Greek tradition, they also symbolize the rebirth of heading into the new year.

In addition to hanging onions on the door, parents also flick onion water on their kids’ foreheads for prosperity.

Eat 12 grapes

Want to avoid the dreaded midnight kiss with a stranger? Eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight is an old Spanish tradition. Each grape eaten celebrates the luckiness of each month in the year to come.

Take a leap

This Danish tradition started as a way for one to bring hope and good luck into the new year. It’s a literal leap of faith that the new year will bring happiness and prosperity

The Danish also throw old glasses and plates against the doors of the houses of family and friends to banish bad spirits.