Inmate shot at DFW Airport while being transported

DFW Airport officials confirm there was a shooting incident at terminal C. The incident is over and the area is secured, officials say.

"The shooting apparently involved an outside law enforcement agency officer who was escorting a prisoner through #DFW Airport," officials said on their Twitter Feed. "The two men got into an altercation in a restroom inside Terminal C, with one shot fired. Both were transported to local hospitals. The altercation was limited to those two individuals and no one else was injured. Area near C10 checkpoint closed for investigation."

NBCDFW reported that witnesses said the shooting occurred in a restroom at the airport and involved a prisoner who was being transported.

A Twitter user who was going through security and preparing to board a plane also said the shooting victim was a prisoner who was being transported and that he was "shot by handler in men's bathroom during an altercation."

CBS later reported that the inmate who was shot "has protective order against him for domestic violence" and is accused of violating it.