‘Hush Trips’ are the latest trend for work-from-home employees

During the pandemic, many people worked from home, and discovered the many benefits of the practice: more time with family, being able to work in a more relaxed space and avoiding office mates who come to work sick. And then there’s the fact that you can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

That last bit has inspired the latest trend in travel: the “hush trip,” when you go on vacation but continue working from your hotel room, cabin or beach bungalow.

“Since they can just log on and handle their job duties from anywhere, the mindset is why even bring it up to your employer if you happen to be in the Bahamas while you’re working,” travel blogger Esther Susag. told HuffPost.

“It’s an experience woven into the fabric of the digital nomad and remote worker lifestyle since the dawn of connectivity,” Erick Prince, a travel blogger and founder of travel site Minority Nomad, told told the outlet.

“Hush trips” offer plenty of freedom but there are a few downsides. Between spotty internet connections and time zone differences, things can occasionally get tricky. And then there’s the possibility that you could be asked to come into the office for some reason by a boss who has no idea you’re out of town.

“Hush trips make that borderline impossible and open up all sorts of potential tax, privacy and legal issues depending on where folks work from unannounced,” warned Susag.