6 of America’s most charming swimming holes

You can beat the heat and have a great time

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The unforgiving heat and sunshine will soon be upon us. As we prepare to stock up on sunscreen and find our next outdoor adventure, an old-fashioned swimming hole is a great way to enjoy the sunshine without the heat.

Swimming holes are a great way to connect with nature, as many come from waterfalls tucked away in majestic mountains. And while there are quite a few to enjoy right here in Georgia, if you’re planning a trip, these swimming holes should be at the top of your list.

Diana’s Baths, Bartlett, New Hampshire

A few minutes from North Conway Village, Diana’s Baths are located between Lucy Brook in Bartlett and Big Attitash Mountain. This is a popular hotspot for families as it has a series of cascades and small ponds reaching heights of 75 feet.

Blanchard Springs, Mountain View, Arkansas

At Blanchard Springs you can try your hand at reeling in a rainbow trout from Mirror Lake, taking in scenic views from waterfalls and hiking trails and swim in chilling but relaxing waters. If you’d prefer a more guided experience, they have three tours available: Dripstone , Wild Cave and Discovery tour.

Chena Hot Springs, Fairbanks, Alaska

Take a trip up north, where the sun barely sets in the summer, and the temperatures are just right. If avoiding humidity is on your list for the summer, an Alaskan escape is right up your alley. The Chena Hot Springs in Fairbanks has everything from wildlife train rides to hot springs, seafood and more.

Sliding Rock, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

Just 7.6 miles from the junction of US Highway 64 and 276, you’ll find Sliding Rock in the Pisgah National Forest. The 60-foot cascade is plunge friendly with an 8-foot deep pool. Peak hours run from noon-4 p.m. with entry fees of $4 per person.

Meadow Run Natural Waterslides, Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

The Meadow Run Natural Waterslides is a must-do if you’re up for fishing, whitewater kayaking, and having a great time. While they’re famous for being a waterslide, it’s noted that this location isn’t for swimming and doesn’t have a designated swimming area.

Blue Hole Regional Park, Wimberly, Texas

Blue Hole is a 126-acre park with a natural swimming hole in the heart of Texas Hill Country. They provide a fun experience with plenty of grass for sunbathers and rope swings for adventure seekers.