Who is Will Moseley, Georgia’s chart-topping ‘American Idol’ star?

Will Moseley won over countless hearts and minds when he competed in 2024′s ‘American Idol’

The American singing competition was created by Simon Fuller. It began airing on Fox June 11, 2002. It ended its first run April 7, 2016. It's spawned Billboard chart-toppers such as Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. Judges have included Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj. The critically-acclaimed series was revived by ABC in 2017.

Hollywood, national fame and country music — Leesburg native and longtime Hazelhurst resident Will Moseley, 23, is conquering it all. The Georgia Southern University graduate competed in 2024′s “American Idol,” earning a golden ticket from the judges and a straight shot to Hollywood Week.

“Being on stage and singing to people, it’s an adrenaline rush,” Moseley told ABC. “The feeling that you get when you sing your own song and people sing it back to you is life changing.”

Moseley won over judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with his original country song “Gone For Good” during his audition in Leesburg. Lionel Richie is also a judge this year, but had to leave just as the Georgia native was getting started. All the same, even Richie offered a resounding “yes” before exiting.

“I think Will is a star,” Richie said. “I loved the timber of his voice. His voice was amazing.”

Moseley’s popularity has rocketed to new heights since. “American Idol” published a video of his performance on March 3, and the YouTube clip has already garnered nearly 1 million views. Moseley’s music page on Facebook beat those numbers though, bringing in 1.4 million views. His song even debuted at No. 13 on Billboard’s country chart.

Moseley’s rendition of “Whiskey and You” by Chris Stapleton and “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers helped the former Division III lineman muscle his way into the show’s top 24.

“This moment’s huge,” he said. “It’s the biggest opportunity I’ve had so far and it could very well possibly be the biggest opportunity I ever have.”

Only time will tell if Moseley can make it all the way on “American Idol” this year, which airs at 8 p.m. Sundays and Mondays on ABC.