How to make waffles from leftover Thanksgiving stuffing

Turkeys get all of the love this time of year.

Folks wring their hands, fretting about whether to roast, fry or grill. Then they have in-depth discussions about white and dark meat, giblets, wishbones and the like. And days after the big dinner, there’s an equal amount of fuss over turkey sandwiches.

Less popular holiday dishes, like stuffing, don't even come close to getting that kind of fanfare. Until now.

On the morning after the big meal, when folks awake from food-induced comas, surprise them with this Thanksgiving twist on a breakfast favorite:

ExploreTurkey Quesadilla perfect for Thanksgiving leftovers

What will you need? Just leftover stuffing, leftover cranberry sauce, leftover gravy and eggs. Check out the full recipe here.

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