Mariah Carey releases children’s book just in time for the holidays

The self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas wrote a holiday story

Fast facts about singer and songwriter Mariah Carey.

While Mariah Carey recently lost her battle to trademark the title “Queen of Christmas,” the iconic songstress might snag the title of best Christmas children’s author.

Carey’s new book, “The Christmas Princess,” is about a little girl feeling outcast and alone. Little Mariah sets off on a journey, discovering the healing power of her voice to spread the spirit of Christmas at home and all around the world. The picture book was written by the Grammy Award winner and Michaela Angela Davis, with illustrations by Fuuji Takshi.

“It’s a short little book, but it really does have a deeper meaning,” said Carey.

This would be the second time David and Carey collaborated on a project. in 2020, the “All I Want for Christmas” singer released a memoir “The Meaning of Mariah Carey” where she recounted her upbringing as a bi-racial child.

Credit: Credit: Mariah Carey website

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Credit: Credit: Mariah Carey website

“The constant question was, ‘What are you?’ Not ‘Who are you?’ but ‘What are you?’” Carey recalled. “It made me feel like a thing – it did not make me feel like a human being. That was mainly the reason I wrote ‘Meaning,’ to emancipate my little girl self. And she’s never really left me.”

Now, with her second book project, Carey hopes to give the ultimate gift of uplift for all who “have felt othered.” Carey credits her intense love for the season to her childhood. Even when Christmas presents were just a piece of fruit wrapped in news paper, she was still thankful and filled with the “spirit.”

Carey is already preparing for upcoming shows in Toronto and New York where she’s set to perform music from her two Christmas albums along with some other fan favorites.

“I’m trying to make these shows as magical as possible,” Carey said. “Oftentimes as a child, or even throughout earlier parts of my career, I did not feel loved. I certainly never felt unconditional love and that’s what I have with my fans: that connection. So I’m extremely excited.”

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