4 Thanksgiving activities the entire family will love

Looking for activities your family can do on Thanksgiving? From watching the Macy’s parade and football, to running in a Turkey Trot, there are plenty of traditional Thanksgiving Day activities.

But with just a little effort you can keep family and friends engaged throughout the day. And you might just start a new tradition of your own!

Check out these four Thanksgiving Day activities:

Have a bake-off

Nothing sparks family fun like a little competition. If a backyard touch football game isn’t your thing, consider a friendly baking competition. Your kitchen will probably already be a mess, so consider something simple like decorating pre-made cupcakes.

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Icebreaker Game

Thanksgiving celebrations are all about welcoming new people into the fold — and it’s an especially popular time for introducing new boyfriends and girlfriends to the family. Avoid awkward silences this year with a fun icebreaker game.

Write down or print off a few getting-to-know-you questions and toss them in a bowl. You can take turns having someone pick a questions, then asking one of your new guests to answer.

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Create a chalk mural outside

This is a great idea that gets the entire family involved, giving adults the chance to be a kid again and for children to see their parent’s creativity flourish. Creating a chalk mural outside your house, whether on the driveway or sidewalk, can create fond memories as you write down and draw what Thanksgiving means to you.

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Thanksgiving trivia can involve movies, music and parades, but it can also feature past family events and traditions, and is a great way to introduce younger generations to a little family history (while learning a few new things yourself).

Questions can range from “When did Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving special debut?” to “How long did it take dad/mom to pass out after eating turkey last year?”

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