VOTING CLOSED: Who has the best pasta in metro Atlanta?

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Pasta is one of those food staples everyone has in their kitchen — whether their personal favorite is spaghetti or rigatoni, penne or linguine.

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Pasta is a favorite in many households because of its versatility. In additional to so many shapes and sizes, you can top it with red sauce or alfredo, olive oil or pesto.

The noodles you’ll find at some of Atlanta’s most popular restaurants “are almost always handmade, using flour, eggs and a lot of love,” Bob Townsend wrote for the AJC last year.

Most metro Atlanta restaurants have pasta on their menu, so you can find it almost anywhere when you don’t feel like cooking. So Best of Atlanta wants to know: Who has the best pasta in metro Atlanta?

Here are your choices:

It’s impossible to include — or even know about — every place in the area, so if you don’t see your favorite, submit a write-in nominee by emailing your pick to by 6 p.m. Wednesday, October 21. If enough people suggest your favorite, we’ll add it to our poll.

The winner will be announced Oct. 26.

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