You can hide default Apple apps with new OS feature

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Developers with access to the beta version iOS 9.3 can now hide default Apple apps like Game Center, Stocks and others.

The Epoch Times reported that a Reddit user who has a developer account shared instructions on how to make this happen.

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“9.3 adds the ability to hide applications on the home screen based on the bundle ID. Create a configuration profile in Apple Configurator 2.2 Beta with a restrictions payload set to ‘Do not allow some apps' under ‘Restrict App Usage’ in the Apps section of the Restrictions. Add the necessary bundle IDs like,, then plug in your device and apply the profile. The icons will simply disappear from the home screen.

"I’m still working on finding the bundle IDs for the rest of Apple’s default apps. Post them here if you figure out more.

"Just to note, you have to configure the General section in order to save the configuration profile. When you plug in your device, right click it, then Add, then Profiles. Then navigate to the profile you just saved. You might have to then accept the install on the iOS device itself.”

The user warns that devices should be backed up beforehand.

Some of the other bundle IDs for apps include, for the default email app;, for the Apple Watch;, for the News app; and, for iBooks; among others.