Uber can now track your location after you've been dropped off

A new update on the ride-sharing app Uber has some users upset and creeped out.

BuzzFeed News reported that a number of Uber users are not comfortable with the app's update in which it announced that it will collect users' location data for up to five minutes after they arrive at their destinations..

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NPR reported that users became aware of the update via a prompt to accept the change through a pop-up notification on their phones.

According to the Uber website, the data collection will only occur occasionally and not for every trip.

"We do this to improve pickups, drop-offs, customer service and to enhance safety," the site said, adding that the information is collected when users are using the app and it is visible on their phone screens, during trips even if the app is not visible on screens, and up to five minutes after the Uber driver ends a trip, even if the app is in the background and not being actively used on the phone.

"If you want to turn off collection, you can disable location services through your device settings," the site said.

NPR reported that Uber used to have the option to access user's location "Never" or "While using the app." The latter has been replaced by "Always."

Bloomberg reported in June 2015 that the Electronic Privacy Information Center, digital-privacy group, filed a complaint against Uber with the Federal Trade Commission when Uber updated its privacy policy. The updated policy asked users for permission to collect location and address book information when the app is running.

"The FTC failed to act and Uber is now tracking users non-stop," EPIC said in response to the latest Uber update on its website.