This man bit into an iPhone battery and it exploded in his face


If you needed a reason not to bite your iPhone battery, here it is.

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According to Taiwan News, a man entered an electronics store in China hoping to purchase a replacement battery for his iPhone.

In an attempt to test its authenticity, the customer bit into the battery and as he removed it from his mouth, the product ruptured, exploding in his face.

Luckily, no one was injured.

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CCTV posted footage of the bizarre incident to and the video eventually made its way to YouTube.

The episode came soon after outrage over Apple’s admittance to slowing down older iPhone models with aging batteries led to big discounts on replacement batteries around the globe, including in China.

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“However,” Taiwan News reported, “Chinese electronics stores are notoriously replete with fake goods, thus the man was in his own, but obviously wrong, way trying to test its authenticity.”

Lesson of the story: Just don’t bite into your iPhone battery. 

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