3/29 Morning tech crawl: VC dollars still flowing in tech sector

Hello and Happy Tuesday, Austin.

Here's what's being talking about on the tech web today:

There's still money out there

At a time when some Silicon Valley startups are struggling to raise more cash and maintain their sky-high valuations, online financial adviser Betterment has gotten a deal done. And it upped its valuation to boot.

The so-called robo-adviser has secured $100 million in new funding, boosting the company's valuation by 55 percent to $700 million, Bloomberg reports.

The beat goes on

SoundCloud joins the music subscription business today by launching SoundCloud Go, its service that offers ad-free, on-demand music for $10 a month.

While SoundCloud will continue to offer a free, ad-supported version, music labels are, of course, rooting for the paid version, as re/code points out.

Another day, more Yahoo

Potential suitors have been given two weeks to get their preliminary bids in for Yahoo.

The Wall Street Journal says letters have been sent to possible buyers as the company prepares to sell its web business and Asian assets.

At least we can agree on something 

The world wants to shut down the "dark net" - an anonymous online home to both criminals and activists fearful of government surveillance, according to a global poll released today.

Reuters reports that seven in 10 people surveyed back a ban on the dark net, at a time when policymakers and technology companies are arguing over digital privacy and law enforcement issues.