Magic Leap's Graeme Devine to open Austin Game Conference

The mixed-reality company has been the subject of intense speculation

The Austin Game Conference, returning to Austin in September, has its first speaker: Graeme Devine, chief game wizard at Magic Leap, will talk about mixed reality as the event's opening keynote speaker.

Devine, a longtime figure in the gaming world, worked on such iconic video games as "The 7th Guest," "Quake III Arena" and "Doom 3." Magic Leap, which has investments from companies including Alibaba and Google, is expected to be a platform that mixes virtual and augmented reality (thus, "Mixed" reality).

In a statement, conference executive director Chris Sherman said, "Devine is a pioneer whose career is synonymous with the forefront of an ever-changing industry, He’s a constant innovator who continues to redefine the leading edge, and we’re very pleased to get a peek at how he’s taking game development to a whole new level.”

The convention takes place Sept. 21-22 at the Austin Convention Center. Registration for the conference is $249 before July 29.