Honest Dollar's Whurley talks acquisition, Obama fundraiser, on 'Statesman Shots'

Let's just say it was a really busy week for him

This week on our Austin culture podcast "Statesman Shots," entrepreneur Whurley joins co-hosts Omar L. Gallaga and Tolly Moseley to talk about how he was chosen to host President Barack Obama for a fundraiser earlier this month and how his company was acquired by Goldman Sachs at around the same time. Some of what he had to say on the episode:

  • On answering the call to host a presidential fundraiser: "You say yes, right? That was it... Then it was a list of assignments. But it was amazing!"
  • On staying grounded at home during so many high-pressure events: "My wife said, 'Is the Secret Service going to take care of the cat litter? If they're not, we're still going to need you to be here."
  • On the secrecy involved in both the fundraising event and keeping a pending acquisition under wraps: "None of these things could know about each other... They were super cool about it. As everyone else was, they were completely (expletive) confused about what was going on."

You can listen to the episode audio below or check out all the extras, including a video with Joe Gross about the recent "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" fiasco, on the Statesman Shots blog.