Ginger emoji launching this week — New emoji update includes bagel, cupcake, toilet paper and more

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It’s a long-awaited victory for the world’s redheads.

Ginger emoji are finally set to release this week, along with a bundle of other icons in Unicode’s Emoji 11.0 update, including toilet paper, bagel, llama, woman superhero and cupcake.

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A total of 157 new emoji will be added to service, the Unicode Consortium initially announced in February. That will bring the number of available emoji to 2,823.

“The man and woman emoji can now have various hair styles (red-haired, curly-haired, white-haired, and bald), and the new superhero and supervillain support genders and skin tones. The new leg and foot also support skin tones,” the Unicode Consortium wrote.

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The new icons will begin to roll out tomorrow, but may not appear on Apple and Android devices until later in the year. Twitter and other social media sites are likely to update their systems much earlier, Business Insider reported.

Unfortunately, two of the most requested emoji (the white heart and flamingo) didn’t make the 2018 release list. They, along with a Hindu temple, axe and diving mask, have been shortlisted for the 2019 batch release.

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