New emojis include different hairstyles, animals and more

New Apple iOS11 Update Unveils New Emojis, Bug Fixes and More

Your emoji keyboard will soon get a little larger, because Unicode Consortium has just unveiled a slew of new icons for the upcoming year.

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The company, which is the gatekeeper for emojis, made the announcement earlier this week in a blog post, revealing that a total of 157 new emojis for the 11.0 series will arrive on phones between August and September.

They include a variety of new human emojis with different skin tones and hairstyles. Users will be able to choose between red tresses, curls and even bald ‘dos. The brand is also introducing men and women superheros and villains with varying skin tones. The characters, however, aren’t as specific Black Panther or Spider-Man.

Wondering about the animal options? A mosquito, parrot, peacock, kangaroo, and swan, among several others, have also been added. New clothing and activities, like a softball and flat shoes, will be featured, too. Take a look at the offerings below.

Credit: Unicode

Credit: Unicode

The emojis are just samples. Tech vendors are allowed to make changes to fit the overall theme of products. For example, Google altered the cheeseburger emoji in 2017, placing the cheese on top of the bottom bun instead of on the burger. After a flood of complaints, the corporation switched it back.

Unicode is accepting proposals for the 12.0 series, which is expected to drop next year. The deadline for submissions is at the end of May.

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