Staff Members

Name Title Phone Email
Albright, Mandi Local Govt. Audience Specialist 404-526-7606 Email
Andres, Bob Email
Bentley, Rosalind Reporter for Enterprise 404-526-5948 Email
Berard, Yamil Investigative Reporter 404-526-2075 Email
Bluestein, Greg Political Reporter Email
Bookman, Jay 404-526-5464 Email
Boone, Christian Public safety reporter/Enterprise 678-910-8718 Email
Boone, Christian Reporter for Enterprise Email
Bradley, Mark Sports columnist and blogger Email
Brasch, Ben Reporter 404-526-2175 Email
Brett, Jennifer Email
Brooks, Angel K. Interim Digital Coach 404-526-5422 Email
Brown, Sandra Email
Brown, Tracy Email
Burns, Gabriel Atlanta Braves beat writer Email
Burns, Steve 404-526-7508 Email
Campbell - Cox Washington, Kyla Email
Capelouto, J.D. Breaking News Reporter 404-526-2577 Email
Carvell, Michael Email
Clanton, Nancy Email
Colley, Lauren Email
Cook, Rhonda Reporter for Enterprise 404-526-2075 Email
Corson, Pete Audience specialist 404-526-5435 Email
Cox, Ray Email
Coyne, Amanda C. Hyperlocal digital reporter Email
Cunningham, Michael Sports columnist and blogger Email
Davis, Janel Senior Editor, Local Digital News 770-263-3816 Email
Deere, Stephen Atlanta City Hall reporter 404-526-2415 Email
Denery, Jim premium editor 404-526-2477 Email
Downey, Maureen Education columnist 404-526-5445 Email
Duncan, Todd C. Senior editor, Local government and Business teams 404-526-2143 Email
Edwards, Johnny Reporter, Investigative Team 404-526-7209 Email
Eldridge, Ellen 404-526-2099 Email
Emerson, Bo staff writer Email
Estep, Tyler Local government reporter 404-526-2067 Email
Fell - Cox Washington, Jacqueline Email
Figueras, Ligaya Senior Editor, Food and Dining Email
Foreman, Lauren 404-897-7831 Email
Foskett, Ken ‎Senior Editor/Investigations 404-526-5066 Email
French, Rose Digital Producer 404-526-5634 Email
Galloway, Jim Columnist and Blogger Email
Gibson, David Local government editor 404-526-5458 Email
Godwin, Becca J. G. Reporter for Hyperlocal 404-526-2539 Email
Gray - Cox Washington, Justin
Habersham, Raisa 404-526-2786 Email
Halicks, Richard Senior editor for Enterprise 404-526-5635 Email
Hallerman, Tamar Washington Correspondent Email
Hansen, Zachary Breaking News Reporter 404-526-2259 Email
Harrison, Shane 404-526-5973 Email
Hart, Ariel Reporter 404-526-7261 Email
Haws, Jeff Content producer Email
Hernandez, Erica
Hicks, Nelson Email
Ho, Rodney Email
Hummer, Steve Sports reporter Email
Jackson, Andre 404-526-5882 Email
Jeff Ernsthausen, 404-526-5633 Email
Jeffries, Fran 404-526-7550 Email
Joyner, Chris Investigative Reporter 404-526-5884 Email
Joyner, Chris Columnist Email
Joyner, Tammy Local government reporter Email
Judd, Alan Email
Kanell, MIchael E. Business and Economics Reporter 404-526-7044 Email
Kass, Arielle Reporter 404-526-5752 Email
Kelley, Tom
Kempner, Matt Business columnist 404-526-7047 Email
Klepal, Dan Reporter Email
Ledbetter, D. Orlando Atlanta Falcons beat writer Email
Luck, Mike Sports Audience Specialist 404-526-7421 Email
Luckovich, Mike Editorial Cartoonist
Lutz, Meris Local government reporter 404-526-5314 Email
Mariano, Willoughby Email
Martinez, Courtney Digital Optimization Specialist Email
McCaffrey, Shannon Senior assistant editor for Enterprise Email
McCray, Vanessa Education Reporter 770-263-3866 Email
McIntosh, Shawn 404-526-5007 Email
McMillar, Colleen Local government editor 404- 526-7572 Email
Merwin, Emily News Applications Developer Email
Miller, Krista Email
Miller, Michelle Audience specialist for Enterprise Email
Miniet, Liz Audience specialist Email
Mitchell, Tia Local Government reporter 404-526-2373 Email
Moss, Wes Email
Musisi, Kenneth All Topics Digital Producer 404-526-5745 Email
Nazario, Kyle
Niesse, Mark Georgia government reporter 404-526-2848 Email
Niesse, Mark Georgia government reporter 404-526-2848 Email
Norder, Lois Investigative editor 404-526-5983 Email
Norder, Lois Senior editor for investigations 404-526-5983 Email
Northam, Mitchell Hyperlocal Digital Reporter Email
O'Shea, Brian 404-526-5986 Email
Oliviero, Helena staff writer 404-526-7738 Email
Parker, Najja
Peebles, Jennifer Newsroom data specialist 404.526-5923 Email
Peebles, Jennifer Newsroom Data Specialist 404-526-5923 Email
Perry, John Email
Pirani, Fiza Email
Poole, Shelia Email
Prabhu, Maya T. Reporter Email
Prince, Chelsea Reporter for Atlanta Now 404-526-2331 Email
Quinn, Christopher Editor 404-526-2160 Email
Rankin, Bill Reporter for Enterprise 404-526-5442 Email
Rankin, Bill Senior legal affairs reporter 404-526-5442 Email
Redmon, Jeremy Reporter 770-627-3491 Email
Redmon, Jeremy Reporter 770-627-3491 Email
Rhone, Nedra Email
Riley, Kevin 404-526-2161 Email
Robbins, Danny Reporter 404-526-5618 Email
Roberson, Doug Atlanta United beat writer 404-526-5979 Email
Ruggieri, Melissa Music writer 404-526-2838 Email
Salzer, James Email
Sarrio, Jaime Email
Scheimer - Cox Washington, Dorey
Schrade, Brad Reporter
Seth Emerson, Email
Sharpe, Joshua
Shin, Hyosub Multimedia Photojournalist Email
Sirmans, Ron Weekend Digital Coach/Editor 404-526-5357 Email
Smith, Nicole D. Senior Features editor Email
Smith Broady, Arlinda Education reporter 404-526-2514 Email
Smith Broady, Arlinda Reporter Email
Spink, John Email
Stafford, Leon Local government reporter 404-526-5366 Email
Staples, Gracie Bonds Columnist Email
Stevens, Alexis Reporter for Enterprise 404-526-7550 Email
Stirgus, Eric Education reporter 404-526-7521 Email
Stultz, Ryan Revenue Content Manager 404-409-9129 Email
Suggs, Ernie Reporter for Enterprise Email
Sugiura, Ken Georgia Tech beat writer 404-526-5251 Email
Tagami, Ty Senior Education Reporter 404-526-7739 Email
Tagami, Ty Education reporter 404-526-7739 Email
Teegardin, Carrie Reporter Email
Terpstra - Cox Washington, Patrick Email
Thrash, Rodney Email
Toone, Stephanie
Torpy, Bill Columnist Email
Torres, Kristina Reporter Email
Towers, Chip Email
Trubey, J. Scott Business Reporter 404-526-2201 Email
Tucker, Tim Sports reporter Email
Van Atten, Suzanne Email
Vejnoska, Jill Email
Vivlamore, Chris Interim sports editor 404-526-5932 Email
Waligore, Mark 404-526-7411 Email
Walker, Marlon A. Education reporter 404-526-2471 Email
Watkins, Richard News Applications Specialist and Illustrator Email
Wellham, David Content producer Email
Whaley, Kevin Email
Wickert, David Transportation reporter 770-263-3062 Email
Wickert, David Reporter for Enterprise 770-263-3062 Email
Wingfield, Kyle 404-526-5328 Email
Yamanouchi, Kelly Business reporter 404-526-5055 Email
Zusel, Yvonne Email