Overtime Elite opens new facility at Atlantic Station

Overtime Elite opened its training facility Wednesday morning to select media and guests. The training facility, located at Atlantic Station, features a practice court and a game court used to host Overtime Elite basketball games and team and individual workouts.

Commissioner Aaron Ryan is excited about the opening of the gym.

“This is just beginning,” Ryan said. “We have 36 games both home and away, and the athletes have not seen it yet. It’s like having a new home and opening up a couple of rooms at a time and letting your family in it.”

Overtime Elite is a basketball league that offers players from 16 to 18 years old a salaried path to the NBA. It also helps players engage with fans, including an Overtime social-media presence with a reported total of more than 5.6 million followers.

The two athletes who were in attendance to see the facility were Dominick Barlow and Jai Smith. Both were surprised at how the gym looked and are ready to start their journey with Overtime Elite.

“The facility is beautiful,” Barlow said. “Just standing here, it’s a dream being in here knowing I have these resources.”

“It’s huge,” Smith said. “I feel like it compares to having the bright lights. It’s something I’m used to and honestly just putting a platform in Atlanta helps me showcase my skills.”

The high-definition lights used on the main court are a one-of-a-kind light previously used only at Staples Center and Barclays Center.

While Ryan and the players are enjoying their new home, Ryan wants the facility to have a big impact on the players.

“This is about the whole athlete and equipping them on a path to a dream into a sport they love,” Ryan said. “It’s also preparing them for life before, during and after being a pro basketball player.”

In its first day, it already is making an impact on Barlow.

“It can give me a brand and resources I didn’t have just going to a normal college,” Barlow said. “I can have access doing this and balancing my schedule between school and work. I don’t think I would get that as a college experience.”