Special Project: Navigating NIL has become the ‘Wild West’

Aaron Murray saw first-hand how dramatically life has changed for college athletes.

“We had a little dinner in Athens, and oh my God, I’m handing these 19-to 22-year-olds checks for $28,000,” said Murray, the former Georgia Bulldogs quarterback who remains the SEC career leader in passing yards. “I was lucky to have a few hundred bucks in my bank account (during college).”

We’ve come a long way from the days when student-athletes were suspended for the infractions of cashing in on their name, image and likeness. New rules and laws have changed all of that.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution took an in-depth look at how the name, image and likeness issue is changing the face of college sports, what it means now and perhaps in the future and the creative ways athletes are cashing in.

NIL era brings upheaval: https://www.ajc.com/sports/georgia-bulldogs/the-wild-west-college-sports-nil-era-brings-upheaval/YORTVG5VAZCMPBLMVK42QMA63E/