Parkhurst says no Houston hangover for Atlanta United


Atlanta United captain Michael Parkhurst said on Wednesday that there is no Houston hangover after the 4-0 defeat and that the team is preparing and focusing on Sunday's home-opening game against D.C. United at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

“We were obviously disappointed,” he said. “It wasn’t good enough and we need to raise our level of play in all facets of the game. But it’s one game. It’s a good lesson for us but we’ve moved on. We are having a good week of training and are preparing for D.C.”

Atlanta United went 0-3 against D.C. United last season.

Parkhurst said he has treated this week just like most others. There were no big speeches or reminders to his teammates.

“I think that everyone understands that it’s one game and it’s not time to panic or anything like that,” he said. “Sometimes, I think if you are too active you send a message that something is wrong or something needs to be fixed.

“What happened on Saturday we think we can fix pretty easily by being a little bit more prepared, being a little bit more aggressive. Being mentally focused for the game. Little things like that.”

Midfielder Kevin Kratz said he’s not seen any signs of nerves this week after the team gave up four goals in the first half of the loss to the Dynamo.

“It was for each player a surprise,” he said. “Everybody shook it off really well. now, it’s back into game. Back on the training field, back at home and get ready for the weekend.”