What Georgia Tech players said after the loss to Boston College

Comments from Georgia Tech players David Curry and Ahmarean Brown, who spoke with media following Saturday’s 48-27 loss at Boston College:

Linebacker David Curry

On game plan:

“To be honest with you, we didn’t exactly know what to expect because their last week’s game plan (was different) because they had a tight end that was hurt before last week’s game. So their game plan completely switched from heavy personnel to more of a lighter personnel last game, so we didn’t know (how Boston College would play). We basically had two game plans, going into the game based on heavy personnel or lighter personnel.”

On defending short fields:

“That just comes down to playing together as a whole team. Defense, we’ve got get off the field and offense, of course, we can’t turn the ball over three times. So there’s no finger pointing in this locker room. We know that we lost as a team. And, we’ve got to play together in all three phases, and when we do, we’re a good team.”

On Boston College quarterback Phil Jurkovec:

“As an experienced linebacker, you don’t really underestimate anybody. On film, he looked like he had the ability to scramble, but something that you really can’t get a grip on until you actually deal with it, is how big he is in person, and he runs through arm tackles very well, including one or two of mine. So props to him. He’s a very good quarterback and a very good athlete, and I know he had some good yards on us this game.”

On defensive play:

“It comes down to eyes for us as a defense. It’s just guys not relaxing in their technique and guys just making the plays. Simple as that. Guys got to use their eyes well, guys have got to have their eyes where they’re supposed to be on every play and not be selfish and not make selfish decisions, and just make the plays. Because we have the ability in the room. Coach (Andrew) Thacker’s an amazing (defensive coordinator), and we just have to make the plays.”

On the first onside kick:

“That’s just something that we practiced and the guy just made an elite play. We caught him off guard, but at the same time, he came across the line. He came across the 10-yard mark where we can’t touch him, and he just came and he fielded the ball. It was just me and (Tobias Oliver) and Gavin Stewart where, if the ball goes beyond 10 yards, we’re not going to come back to that sideline without that ball. But the guy made a really good play and hats off to him.”

Wide receiver Ahmarean Brown

On turnovers:

“I think we should just focus more on not turning the ball over. I feel like we’re driving the ball pretty good during the first half and also the second half, but during the first half, we just turned the ball more than we should. We shouldn’t turn ball over at all, but (we should be) just focusing on carrying the ball right or just throwing it to the right guy, everything that has to do with giving the other team the ball. I think we should just focus on, not giving the other team the ball and focusing on ourselves.”

On advice to quarterback Jeff Sims:

“Me and Jeff talk all the time, and, like I was telling him today or any other day, just keep your head up. Quarterbacks have a lot of pressure. I don’t know how it feels to be a quarterback, but I just know it’s a lot of pressure. So I can’t really talk from experience but, me being a freshman last year and having such a big role, it’s all about keeping your head up, being confident in yourself. I think last year (as a freshman), I wasn’t really confident in myself, and I’m starting to show it more. So him being confident, he’s a great quarterback, he will be a great quarterback. Just staying confident, doing what he does best and just playing football like he’s done since he was a kid.”

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