Former Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Stetson Bennett apologizes for arrest

INDIANAPOLIS — Former Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett spoke publicly for the first time Friday since his January arrest for public intoxication. Bennett is among 12 University of Georgia products participating in the NFL combine in Indianapolis.

Bennett, 25, apologized for the arrest, which occurred Jan. 29 in Dallas where Bennett was visiting a friend. He also was training in nearby Fort Worth. He said NFL teams have asked about the incident during interviews.

“It was a mistake that everybody is aware of,” Bennett said. “I understand why that can’t happen. I’ve talked to coaches about it, talked to GMs. My family, that’s who I felt worse about. I felt like I let them down. No matter where I go now, even without all this, you know, I have an obligation. I’m the fourth (Stetson Bennett). Can’t do that if your last name is Bennett.”

The quarterback also was asked about the crash that killed teammate Devin Willock and team staffer Chandler LeCroy in January; specifically, Bennett was asked about remembering his friendship with Willock. Bennett paused for a moment before saying, “There’s not much to say about that.”

Bennett was asked if the recent instances of reckless driving, speeding and alcohol issues with Georgia players are an indictment on the program’s culture.

“No, those were individual mistakes that those individuals are responsible for,” he said. “It’s not a culture issue.”

Bennett became perhaps the most accomplished quarterback in Georgia history after winning consecutive national championships. He threw for 8,429 yards and 66 touchdowns in his career, overseeing the Bulldogs’ offense for the majority of the past two seasons.