Where does Dan Quinn rank among NFL coaches?

Of the 32 NFL head coaches, USA TODAY puts the Atlanta Falcons' second-year coach Dan Quinn among the most questionable in the league.

The team's performance the previous season are used as key factors in the rankings. Pitted behind three first-year coaches and two teams with higher draft picks than the Falcons, Quinn is listed as the 26th best coach.

The Falcons suprisingly started 5-0 before finishing 8-8 in Quinn's first season in Atlanta, missing the playoffs.

The reasons for why Quinn ranks where he ranks:

Quinn is in the same boat as (Jaguars' Gus) Bradley until he proves he can build a good defense with the group of All-pros he had at his disposal in Seattle. He also drops on this list for some poor game management moments during his first season with the Falcons, specifically his blunder in San Francisco.

Some notable names who made the list above Quinn and the remarks:

23. Mike McCoy, Chargers (4-12, in 2015): You can't coach health, so it's hard to put the Chargers' recent struggles all on McCoy.

22. Jeff Fisher, Rams (3-13, in 2015): How does this guy still have a job? People complain about Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati, but at least he gets his teams to the playoffs. Fisher hasn't produced a winning record in seven years.

14. Gary Kubiak, Broncos (12-4 - Super Bowl champions, in 2015): He has a Super Bowl ring now, but let's be serious: Most of the credit belongs to defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and his historically great defense. 

11. Chip Kelly, 49ers (7-9, in 2015): We won’t punish Kelly the Coach for Kelly the General Manager’s decisions. He’s still one of the more innovative offensive coaches in the league and somehow managed to churn out yet another top-15 scoring offense despite all the Eagles’ issues. His 26-21 record is pretty impressive considering who he’s had at the quarterback position.
And of course, New England's Bill Belichick tops the list of NFL coaches. The analysis:
1. Bill Belichick, Patriots (12-4, in 2015): Belichick is the greatest coach in NFL history. It’s not even debatable at this point. Other coaches have had bigger impacts on the game thanks to innovative schemes. But that’s what separates Belichick from the rest of the pack: There is no Belichick system.