What Matt Ryan said after loss to Browns

Here’s what Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said after the 28-16 loss to the Browns on Sunday:

On the difficulty of the loss after a three game win streak: "It was disappointing. Obviously, you have to give credit to Cleveland. I thought they played really well and made a lot of good plays. We fell short and did not make enough plays when we needed to. We didn't play up to the standard that we are capable to playing. We need to do that as we move forward and get ready for next week. We have got to play better."

On if the Falcons took the Browns lightly after their struggles this season: "I don't think so. I think we have a group of guys that prepare really well week in and week out. We just did not play well enough. The mindset was there throughout the week, the execution on Sunday and the performance was not what we needed."

On if the setback surprises him after recent success: "It is disappointing because we have been playing better than this the last couple of weeks. We are better than what we put out there today. But, you are what you put out there week in and week out, and you are only as good as your last performance, and this week it didn't work out for us."

On the Falcons struggles in the red zone: "I'll have to take a look at it tomorrow to take a look at why our execution wasn't good enough. Regardless, we have to find a way to score."

On Julio Jones breaking more records and his experience playing with him: "He is amazing. He really is. He is a unique and special player. He is as talented as probably any player that has ever played. His skill-set is phenomenal. He works extremely hard and has been awesome to be around for his entire career. I admire the way that he prepares and gets himself ready to play year in and year out - week in and week out. It is fun to have been a small part of what he has done."

On the mentality after this loss: "There are seven games to go, and we are right in the mix. Probably the most important part of being a professional is being able to move on. That includes being able to move on from both positive experiences and negative experiences. Today was disappointing, but we can't begin to start feeling sorry for ourselves or anything like that. We have to get back to work tomorrow to ensure that we play the type of football that we are capable of playing next week. That has to be the mindset. That has to be the mindset of our coaching staff and our players. We have to put the work in and try to play better next week."

On the lack of a run game: "I'd have to watch it tomorrow, but we got behind which makes it difficult to put up the same type of numbers compared to when you are ahead."

On him providing words of encouragement to Calvin Ridley during the game: "I don't remember doing it, but all of that stuff is just encouraging our guys to make plays as we keep going forward. Cal has done a great job of that for us, and he will do that for us moving forward. It was just words of encouragement.

On not calling any quarterback sneaks on the goal line: "We had one called, but it took a while for them to set for whatever reason. We did not substitute, but it took a little while for them to get set. We had one called but then they jumped offside."

On passing the ball at the goal line instead of running: "I think that was probably the mindset that they had done a good job against the run."