Matt Ryan talks about past, upcoming ‘busy couple of months’

A day after announcing the birth of twin boys, here’s what Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had to say on Monday before his Pro-Am golf tournament to help raise money for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta:

RYAN ON THE TWINS: "It certainly has been a busy couple of months. We are really excited to have the two sons at home. They are getting big, strong and healthy. Sarah is doing great. She was amazing throughout everything. It's been a wild ride for us, but well worth it with all of the time spent over at Northside Hospital. So, we're excioted. We are just busy now, trying to get these kids healthy and strong." | Read more

RYAN ON BEING SCARED: "Yeah, anytime that you're having a child, it's scary and it's exciting. It's all of those things. At the same time, obviously with twins, you're always at a high risk for difficulties or complications. Anybody who's spent time at the hospital on bed rest, knows the emotions that go with it. We are just so lucky and fortunate to have two really beautiful boys. Guys that were fighters. They did a good job in there. Just a big thank you to all the people at the hospital, all of the doctors and both in the labor and delivery section….They do amazing things.

“Some of the kids were leaving Northside to have procedures done across the street at Scottish RitE. I’m happy to be here today to raise money for that.”

MATT RYAN ON PHILLY GAME AFTER MISSING PRACTICE TO BE WITH HIS WIFE: "At that time, I felt like it was a no-brainer. Football is extremely important, but there is nothing more important than your family. I left that day and things got kind of stabilized in the hospital. Sarah spent six weeks in the hospital after that. But everything ended up in a very good spot, which we are thankful for. The rest of the week I got in really good preparation. I felt like I was well prepared to go up and play in Philadelphia. I played well up there, but obviously we fell a little bit short."

ON HIS OFFSEASON WORKOUT: "I started to get back to work in early February. I was throwing and training and trying to get my body right and in a good position. I have a few things that I'd like to improve on over this offseason.

“I’ve been able to get really good work. Luckily, we have so many guys that are here in town during the offseason that have come down toward my neck of the woods to throw and workout. A big thank you to everyone at Pace Academy for letting me come over and workout back there. It’s been good. It’s been a good offseason.”

ON CAMP BROTHERHOOD: "I've had some other things going on. The logistics didn't work out. We'll find the time to get away from Flowery Branch and get a group of guys together to put in some really good work. We'll have an extended period of time after the OTAs, minicamp, before training camp starts to get some of that extra work in. I think that will be productive to us."

ON THE CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS: "I think it's been good. Obviously, it's not something that I get heavily involved in. I feel like my job is to get myself prepared to go out and be successful on the field. I kind of let the business side be handled by the people who are competent at that. Everything is good. I think the discussions have been very positive. I think those will work out." | Read more

ON THE TIMETABLE: "I agree with him, I think things have been productive up until this point. As far as a time frame of anything like that, it will shake out. It will handle itself. I don't know if it will be today or tomorrow. Or in a couple of weeks, but I really think we are moving in the right direction. I'm excited to be here and that's the biggest thing. All of those things will take care of itself."

ON WHAT'S HOLDING UP THE PROCESS: "No, this is just how it goes. It's a back and forth process. I'm not too concerned about it."

ON THE KIRK COUSINS AND OTHER QB DEALS: "I don't worry about that stuff too much. I feel like when we go out, you take care of your business on the field. You play the way that you're capable of, everything else tends to fall in place. I'm certainly about winning games and trying to do the best that I can help us do that."

ON HIS LEGACY: "I don't think about that too much. I think sometimes when you get too far ahead of yourself, you start thinking too far down the road and you forget about the things you have to do day-to-day to be successful. I'm a big believer in thinking more micro than macro. You have to take care of the challenges and obligations day-to-day because if you do that, take care of the little things, in the long run, things take care of themselves. I don't worry too much about that. I try to focus on what's important for today."

ON GETTING JULIO JONES BACK FOR OFFSEASON WORK: "It's huge when you get any player to be able to participate fully. That's critical. But you never know, the offseason and seasons are different every year. I think he came through the year, but I don't want to speak for him, but he came through the year fairly healthy. We'll see where he's at. I haven't been able to work with him up till this point. But I will start next Monday. I'm excited about getting back to work not only with him, but with all of our guys." | Read more 

ON THE OFFENSE: "I think last year, we were inconsistent on the offensive side on the ball throughout the year. I thought there were some really good things, but I thought there were things that we could be better at. So, the exciting part is that we've got an opportunity to get started next Monday to clean those things up and become a better football team than we were last year and be the best offense that this group of guys can possibly be."

ON NEW QUARTERBACK COACH GREG KNAPP: "We've been able to really work together up until this point. I'm excited for that for next Monday. But I've gotten the run down. Matt Schaub knows him really well. I've got the nitty-gritty on Knapp. I'm really looking forward to working with him. Obviously, some Falcons fans will be familiar with him from his time spent here before. I think he adds a lot to our coaching staff. I think personally I think he can help me a lot to be the best player that I can be."

ON TIGHT END AUSTIN HOOPER: "Austin has been great. He's been here in town the entire offseason, which was pretty nice for me. It's a year where I've been town for the entire offseason. I appreciate that. He's looked great. He's worked extremely hard. I think in terms of motivation, in terms of discipline and in terms of understanding what it takes to be a professional, I really think he's at a really good spot in his career. I think he's two years in. I think he understands what it takes. He has aspirations to be a great player in this league and he's putting the work in and that's certainly showed up in the workouts that we've put in."

ON THE DRAFT: "I have no input. That's not my job. We have a top front office that does a great job evaluating talent. They'll find, along with our coaching staff, the best players that fit our team. That's another exciting thing. The draft process, when you can add good players to your team that can help you win, that's huge."

ON JULIO JONES WORKING WITH TERRELL OWENS: "T.O. is one of the best workers of all time. He learned from Jerry Rice and kind of modeled his stuff after that. I think the more you surround yourself with guys with a work ethic like that it's a good thing. Julio has a great work ethic, too. He's one of the best conditioned and best working athletes that I've ever been around."

ON WHAT HE PLANS TO SAY TO THE TEAM WHEN THE OFFSEASON PROGRAM STARTS MONDAY: "I think it will be about focus and consistency. That's the No.1 thing. We have to have a mindset that every time that we are in a meeting and every time that we step out on the practice field we are doing it with purpose and that the attention to detail and the mindfulness to everything we do has to be at a higher level. That's going to be my goal. I hope that's the messaging that we can send to everybody. Let's do the details right from the start."

ON WHAT THE RAMS AND EAGLES DID IN FREE AGENCY WHILE FALCONS FOCUSED ON THEIR ROSTER: "I think we've got a pretty good team. I agree with (general manager) Thomas (Dimitroff). I think keeping the guys that we have is critical. There is familiarity with the system on both sides of the ball, which I think is huge. It's a group that has proven that we can win in a couple of different ways. I think it is good. I think it's good that we are keeping guys. The additions that we've made have been good for us and we'll make some more additions through the draft. I feel like we've got a core of talented, tough and (players with) the right mindset. That's important because chemistry and the brotherhood that we talk about in the locker room and bond is critical. So, when you have a good one and you've got a group that works well together, it's important to keep that together."

ON RECEIVERS JUSTIN HARDY, REGGIE DAVIS AND MARVIN HALL TRYING TO REPLACE TAYLOR GABRIEL: "They are young for sure and they are talented. That's the thing you see with them. Justin, for us, has been a guy that has been consistent. He's been a good player for us. Really good on special teams. Very good three- or four-wide receiver for us to come in and make plays. He's reliable, a guy that you can count on. I think Reggie and Marvin are two guys that have a great opportunity in front of them. It's there for them to go take it. That's what you want as a young player. You want that opportunity. I've been in contact with both of those guys already. I think they are in the right space and they are excited about the opportunity that they both have."

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