Falcons wide receiver talks about his out-of-bounds end zone catch in the season opening loss to the Eagles. (Video by D. Orlando Ledbetter)

What Julio Jones had to say about the loss to the Eagles 

On the interception. “Nothing on Matt. I thought it was a good ball. I just couldn’t see it.”

On the red-zone problems. “We are not speaking on last year. This is one game. We are going to keep working. I believe in it. (Those) are my teammates. I’m with them everyday. I know the work we put in to be good down there. Like I said, we went against a great defense today. My hat is off to them.”

On coming out on the first red zone trip. “Nobody was in. We were in goal line. It was just our goal line. I’m comfortable with every call that we make. My job is go out there an execute and do my best when it’s my time.”

More on the red zone woes. “This was a good defense. Miscues and things like that, but overall that was just a good defense. We just have to keep working on it.”

On the final play. “I’ve got to go back and watch it. But I feel good against anybody one-on-one.”

On the bobble-catch. “What do you mean it looked like (a catch)? You know what was going on…The call and it’s their job. No shade on the referees or anything to the referees, if they miss calls and things like that...you can’t get down on those things or the momentum. You have to keep playing and play the next play.” 

On the catch with the new catch rule. “That was a catch last year. It was a catch the year before…” 

On if the struggles were similar to last year’s playoff game. “I don’t think about last year. This game has a life of it’s own. For me, speaking for me, I was just out there balling trying to do what I can do to help the team. Everybody was. That’s it. It wasn’t like it felt like last year or anything like that.”

More on the red zone. “We just got some different looks and things like that. That’s all. We’ve just got to keep working.”  

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